Motto: Geology for Sustainable Development in Natural Resources Exploration and Exploitation

Department of Geology

The strategic vision plan is to be a centre of excellence in research and training in four major areas of regional geology of Nigeria – petrology, structural geology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology, petroleum geology and geochemistry. As such our M.Sc. programme is carried out in two major research fields of specialization, viz:
Applied Geology.

(A)The Applied Geology Course has three options:
(i) Mineral Exploration.
(ii) Hydrogeology.
(iii) Petroleum Geology.

The Mineral Exploration Course also has two options:
(i) Industrial Mineral Exploration.
(ii) Metalliferous/Ore Mineral Exploration.

(B) The Geology Course includes the following:
(i) Structural Geology.
(ii) Igneous/Metamorphic Petrology.
(iii) Sedimentology.
(iv) Palaeontology/Stratigraphy.

Postgraduate programmes leading to the degree of Ph.D. Geology in all the above research areas may be organized on a full-time or part-time basis. The summary of any regional geological knowledge is the production of a geological map, as such, the department has been conducting research and presenting its results in form of geological maps of different parts of Nigeria as a source of information on Nigeria’s natural resources for the future development plans of the country.

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Department of Geology
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