Motto: Geology for Sustainable Development in Natural Resources Exploration and Exploitation

Department of Geology

Geology is a highly professional subject with multiple areas of specialization that have a multidisciplinary application. For several years now and on a yearly basis, the Department has been inundated with enquiries and applications for admission into her master’s programme by candidates who had no strong background in Geology. The Department has thus come up with new Postgraduate Diploma Programmes (both full time and part time) in the three broad areas of:
(1) PGD in Environmental Geology
(2) PGD in Geology
(3) PGD in Petroleum Geology
The proposed programme structure had been submitted to the Faculty Postgraduate Committee and the Postgraduate School, who had since forwarded same to the Directorate of Academic Planning for their approval and onward submission to the Senate. The primary aim of our postgraduate diploma training is to produce specialized and competent indigenous geologists capable of serving the needs of the country and its neighbours.

Department of Geology
Main Campus Ahmadu Bello University
Zaria - Nigeria


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