Motto: Geology for Sustainable Development in Natural Resources Exploration and Exploitation

Ph.D. Programmes

Admission Requirements:

  • Candidates for the M.Sc must have a Second Class B.Sc Honours degree in Geology
  • In special cases, candidates with a lower class of degree, but with relevant professional experience, may be considered for admission. However, candidates must make-up for deficiencies in their undergraduate training by taking appropriate remedial courses from our Geology undergraduate curriculum.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Course work which is mandatory and examined
  • Seminar to be presented to the public and examined by a panel of examiners
  • Research project at the end of which a thesis is to be submitted and examined by a panel of external and internal examiners including an oral defense.

General Compulsory Courses

  1. SCI 801 Management and Entrepreneurship
    (2 Credit Units)
  2. SCI 802 ICT and Research Methodology
    (2 Credit Units) )
TOTAL 4Credit Units

Other Core Courses

  1. GEOL 891-894 Research/Thesis in Geology
    (12+ Credit Units) )
  2. GEOL 881-884 Research Seminar in Geology
    (4+ Credit Units) )
  3. GEOL 802 Photogeology and Remote Sensing
    (3 Credit Units) )
  4. GEOL 803 Methodology of Geological Research
    (3 Credit Units) )
  5. GEOL 809 Applied Geophysics and Geotechnical problems
    (3 Credit Units) )
TOTAL 25 Credit Units

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The M.Sc programme is carried out in two major fields of specialization, viz.
  1. Applied Geology
    • The Applied Geology Course has three options:

    • Mineral Exploration
      1. The Mineral Exploration Course also has two options:

      2. Industrial Mineral Exploration
      3. Metalliferous/Ore Mineral Exploration
    • Hydrogeology
    • Petroleum Geology
  2. Geology
  3. The Geology Course includes the following:

    • Igneous/Metamorphic Petrology
    • Sedimentology
    • Palaeontology/Stratigraphy
    • Structural Geology